2019 - Global Populism Database (Guardian version)

Prepared for The New Populism, a projects with The Guardian, this dataset measures the populist discourse of presidents and prime ministers from 40 countries around the globe between 2000 and 2018. Data points consists of a single, average score for each term of executive. Data were produced through holistic grading of political speeches. Compiled from previous datasets and from a new round of coding in fall 2018. Please cite the data as follows: Hawkins, Kirk A., Rosario Aguilar, Erin Jenne, Bojana Kocijan, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, Bruno Castanho Silva. 2019. Global Populism Database: Populism Dataset for Leaders 1.0. Available for download at


2018 - Populism of Andrew Jackson

Measures U.S. President Andrew Jackson's level of populist discourse using the holistic coding method to grade a sample of eight speeches given while he was in office from 1829-1837. Includes the scores of three campaign speeches for historical context. The files available for download include a memo summarizing the data, methodology and findings, as well as a zip folder with subfolders for the final rubrics and the original speeches. Data collected by McKinney Voss at Brigham Young University from 2017-2018. These data are embargoed until May 1, 2020. Please do not cite or use without permission of the author.


2016 - AfD Manifesto and Press Releases

Measures the presence and degree of populist discourse‚Äč in the manifesto and press releases of the AfD party in Germany. Covers 374 press releases. Includes 36 internal actors and 57 external actors. Data are collected from the party's founding in April 2013 to May 30 2014. Data last revised February 16, 2016 by Simon T. Franzmann at the University of Düsseldorf. Please cite the data as follows: Franzmann, Simon T. (2016). Calling the ghost of populism: The AfD's strategic and tactical agendas until the EP election 2014. German Politics, 25(4), 457-479. AfD Manifesto and Press Releases Dataset. Available for download at