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This is a collection of online training materials for coding populism, nationalism and social conservatism that were developed by Bruno Castanho Silva, Semir Dzebo, Kirk Hawkins, Erin K. Jenne, Levente Littvay, and Robert Sata.

Before continuing, please go to this link and fill out a short questionnaire. If you end up coding multiple times, please fill out the questionnaire again, so we can keep track of what is being coded.

This section is the base training anyone who wants to code populism should go through. Nevertheless, it is specifically geared for coding speeches of executives. Hence, if you wish to code US governors' speeches, other regional / local politicians, or manifestos (entire political party systems), please also go through the additional training required for it in the sections below. The additional training covers specific differences that you will need to undertake in order to properly code for these groups.

Base Populism Training

Complete this training before completing any other populism trainings.

Additional Training for Coding US Governors

Click here for additional training for US governors.