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OPUS Initiative

Who we are
OPUS | Young Scholars Initiative on Populism is a division within Team Populism. It is an international research network inaugurated in May 2021 to foster the professional development of and facilitate collaboration between young and emerging scholars on populism. The Initiative provides graduate students and early-career researchers across institutions, regions and academic disciplines with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills on various aspects of populism as well as a productive space for academic exchange, dissemination of research and networking.

Our aims
OPUS aims to establish and promote connections primarily among young scholars but also between young scholars and senior researchers, especially Team Populism members from all over the globe, by organizing academic seminars, training activities, graduate conferences, and informal gatherings. Going further, it aspires to support graduate students worldwide who strive at cross-national, comparative research on populism with limited resources or less than ideal supervision or peer-to-peer mentoring in their effort to create a network, establish long-term collaboration, present their work and receive prompt and detailed feedback through these organizations.

Organization and oversight
The Initiative is a platform for young scholars by young scholars. While the senior Team Populism leadership serves as an advisory board, all decisions regarding OPUS are taken by the Steering Committee, which is composed of independent young scholars from diverse backgrounds who are responsible for the strategic priorities of the Initiative and the planning and execution of activities.

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