Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey

Andrej Zaslove, Maurits J. Meijers, 2020
The 2018 Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey (POPPA) dataset measures positions and attitudes of 250 parties on key attributes related to populism, political style, party ideology, and party organization in 28 European countries. The expert survey was fielded between April 2018 and July 2018 to 294 country-experts.

Methodological Memo on Measuring Populist Rhetoric on Twitter

Kaitlen Cassell, 2020
This research note presents a method of textual analysis for identifying the discursive strategies of political actors on Twitter, with an emphasis on their populist rhetoric. After describing the utility of treating social media as data to inform our perspective of political actors’ communication strategies, the memo describes the six coding categories that comprise the Twitter Candidate Rhetoric Database. It then discusses the coding procedures before presenting preliminary results of an analysis of eighteen candidates in five countries (Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia). It concludes with a comparison of the populist rhetoric in three existing datasets, including the Global Populism Database, to demonstrate its external validity.

Populism in Brazil’s 2018 General Elections: An analysis of Bolsonaro's campaign speeches

Eduardo Tamaki, Mario Fuks, 2019
A detailed analysis of the populism in Bolsonaro's campaign speeches during the Brazilian General Election in 2018

Measuring Populist Discourse: The Global Populism Database

Hawkins, Kirk A., Rosario Aguilar, Bruno Castanho Silva, Erin K. Jenne, Bojana Kocijan, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, 2019
This research note introduces the Global Populism Database, which measures the populist discourse of political chief executives in 66 countries, primarily between 2000 and 2018. The measure is based on a textual analysis of political speeches. After describing the data and data generation process, the authors use the data to measure the level of populism across governments and to conduct sample analyses of populism's causes and consequences. The database also includes a measure of left-right ideology.

Consequences of Populism Memo for The Guardian's "The New Populism"

Saskia Ruth, David Doyle, Kirk Hawkins, 2019
A detailed summary of the key indicators and analyses used on The New Populist Project.

Coding Rubric and Anchor Texts for the Global Populism Database

Team Populism, 2019
Provides coding materials and anchor texts used in training coders