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Victor Alembik

PhD Candidate (2020-23) at the University of Milan for the “Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies” (NASP).

Victor Alembik is a PhD Candidate at the University of Milan (NASP). He is currently the Secretary of the “Youth Association for Indian Studies” (AJEI) in France. He is a founding member of the “OPUS - Young Scholar Initiative on Populism”. His research focuses on the way populism could constitute a new type of political careers for new entrants in the political field. For this, he aims to build a typology of political trajectories and political practices, as well as a textual analysis of political elite’s social media presence regarding their use and acquisition of a populist discourse for electoral campaigning and social media engagement.


TopicalPopulism, Political Professionalisation, Political Capital.
RegionalSouth Asia