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Maria Ivana Lorenzetti

University of Verona

Maria Ivana Lorenzetti is Assistant Professor in English Linguistics at the University of Verona. She holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the University of Pisa (2006). Her main research interests are in the domain of political discourse, with a focus on populist rhetoric, also from a contrastive perspective and immigration. She is part of the editorial boards of Bibliography of Metaphor and Metonymy (John Benjamins), of the interdisciplinary journal Iperstoria, and the new journal Interdisciplinary Journal of Populism. She is currently involved in the “Department of Excellence” Project “Linguistic and Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities” (funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), where she is the leader of the research group on English Linguistics devoted to the analysis of populist discourse.


MethodologicalQualitative Methodology; Corpus Linguistics; Comparative Studies
TopicalTextual Analysis; Rhetoric; Critical Discourse Analysis; Populist Discourse; Racism; Discrimination; Social Media
RegionalNorth America; Europe