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Giovanni Barbieri

Department of Political Science - University of Perugia

Giovanni Barbieri is Assistant Professor in Political Sociology at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia – Italy. He teaches Political Sociology and Methodology of social and political research. His main research interests deal with populism, Euroscepticism, political parties, democracy. His most recent works on populism include: - The Fifth Cleavage: Genealogy of the Populist Ideology and Parties, Lanham: Lexington Books, in progress; - (with R. Mincigrucci and S. Verza), “Who is The Most Populist? A Study of The Italian Political Leaders’ Interviews During The 2018 Electoral Campaign”, e-Polikon, in press.


MethodologicalSurveys; data and text analysis
TopicalPolitical parties; democracy; leadership
RegionalWestern Europe