In conjunction with Team Populism, Opus Initiative is currently holding the Graduate Seminar on Populism. Over the course of five meetings, which will take place between October 2021 and February 2022, several young scholars will have the opportunity to get together with the OPUS members as well as senior scholars from Team Populism to share their work and receive detailed feedback in a supportive and stimulating environment. Furthermore, they will be able to discuss and collaborate on some data collection, i. e., with coding speeches of certain leaders/parties/countries, piloting a survey or getting help with question translations.

In 2022, as it grows and gains momentum, OPUS Initiative aims to introduce the following events:

  1. Brown Bag Lunches: Monthly meetings focused on the presentation and discussion of articles that are still in their infancy or in the development stage in a more informal setting.

  2. Graduate Student Conference: A high-profile international academic event run by OPUS Initiative, guided by experience and expertise of Team Populism and joined by young scholars in any capacity (i.e. paper presenter, discussant or chair).

  3. Newsletters & Blog Posts: Monthly blog posts (articles, opinion pieces or interviews) to investigate populism in all its forms, although it reserves a focus on the ideational approach.