Koen Abts Koen Abts

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Academic Affiliation
Tilburg University
Methodological Specialization
Surveys, Textual Analysis, Qualitative Research
Topical Specialization
Socio-Economic agenda, democracy
Regional Specialization
Western Europe
Koen's research focuses on the consequences of modernization on everyday life, particularly exploring the relationship between resentment, liberal values, populism and democracy in terms of: how are individualization and globalization changing everyday life; what is the fertile ground of resentment; how are populists able to capitalize on resentment; how is populism related to liberal democracy; and how can democratic parties respond to extremism. Besides, he investigates how prejudice, welfare chauvinism, political cynicism, populist attitudes and Euroscepticism are related to social structure and feelings of resentment, as well as its implications on voting behavior. This research is based on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
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