Vlastimil Havlík Vlastimil Havlík

Academic Affiliation
Masaryk University
Methodological Specialization
content analysis, surveys
Topical Specialization
voting, discourse, political communication
Regional Specialization
Central and Eastern Europe
Vlastimil Havlík is associate professor in the Department of Political Science (FSS MUNI). He has widely published on populism and Czech politics in journals such as Problems of Post-Communism, East European Politics and Societies and Cultures, Swiss Political Science Review and Communist and Post-Communist Studies. He co-edited the book Populist Political Parties in East-Central Europe (Munipress 2012) and contributed to the edited volumes European Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession (ECPR Press 2015, edited by Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas). He was a Fulbright – Masaryk Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University (2017-2018) and is the Editor -in-Chief of the Czech Journal of Political Science and the President of the Czech Political Science Association.
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