Textual Analysis

Team Textual analysis is interested in measuring the level of populist discourse by different parties and politicians. We provide data that primarily serve aggregate - level analyses, although our data may provide background information for individual - level studies. Our dataset is inclusive, covering most parties across Europe and the Americas.

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Bruno Castanho Silva

University of Cologne


Alessandro Albertini

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies

Andrea Pareschi

Sculoa Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa)

Berto Šalaj

University of Zagreb

Bojana Kocijan

Central European University

Bruno Silva

Central European University

Daniele Caramani

University of St. Gallen

David Doyle

Oxford University

Erin Jenne

Central European University

Hugo Marcos-Marne

University of Salamanca

Jan Philipp Thomeczek

University of Duisberg Essen, Free University of Berlin

Kenneth Roberts

Cornell University

Koen Abts

University of Leuven

Levente Littvay

Central European University

Liz Zechmeister

Vanderbilt University

Luca Manucci

University of Zurich

Luke March

University of Edinburgh

Marijana Grbeša

University of Zagreb

Nicole Lugosi

University of Alberta

Nina Wiesehomeier

University of Swansea

Paris Aslanidis

University of Macedonia

Paul Kenny

Australian National University

Simon Bornschier

University of Zurich

Simon Franzmann

Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf

Stijn van Kessel

Queen Mary University of London

Toril Aalberg

University of Science and Technology

Vlastimil Havlik

Masaryk University

Yannis Stavrakakis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki