Leah Cathryn Windsor Leah Cathryn Windsor

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Academic Affiliation
The University of Memphis, Department of English/Applied Linguistics & Institute for Intelligent Systems
Methodological Specialization
Quantitative text analysis; computational linguistics; corpus linguistics
Topical Specialization
Leadership, power, cognition
Regional Specialization
Dr. Leah Windsor is an Associate Professor in the Department of English (Applied Linguistics) and the Institute for Intelligent Systems at The University of Memphis where she directs the Languages Across Cultures lab which studies language in opaque political environments. She is PI on an NSF grant studying multimodal communication. Her book with Dr. Kerry F. Crawford, The PhD Parenthood Trap, is available with Georgetown University Press. She serves on the Editorial Board of International Studies Quarterly and International Studies Perspectives. She is also a 2020-2021 Non-Resident Fellow for the Krulak Center in the Marine Corps University.
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